Children's Bog Garden

Students of Hilton Head Elementary
Working with the student

My favorite “clients” are children. I love creating and working with them in the garden. They are always enthusiastic, excited, and inquisitive about everything. They love getting dirty and want to help plant, weed and water. My greatest fulfillment comes when I get the opportunity to work with kids in their school or community.

HHIBE received a Bright Ideas grant form Palmetto Electric to install a Bog and Carnivorous Garden. Students from Dolphine Mullen’s class helped with every step in creating this fantastic outdoor living classroom. Special thanks to Steve, a volunteer master naturalist who provided his time on that very hot day. And thanks to Amy Tressler from the Coastal Discovery Museum. She is so passionate about gardening and nature and always is such an inspiration to children and adults alike.

The garden is filled with Alocasias, Colocasias, native Hibiscus, Cannas,and Iris, Crinum, Grasses, Papyrus, Horsetail, and more. The site is a natural wet site that floods after rain and is visible from inside the school.

Thanks for a truly wonderful day!

Working on the Blog Garden
Working on the Blog Garden