Golden Trumpet Tree

I saw this plant in bloom last week in Florida and fell in love with it.  It reminds me of daffodils growing on a tree.

The name of this beauty is Tabeuia chrysotricha, Golden Trumpet Tree, which grows in the southern tip of Florida and in southern California.  It is a small tree that works great as a specimen or around a patio.  It has four inch long silvery leaves with tan, fuzzy undersides that drop just before April.  At this time it displays clusters of bright yellow, trumpet-shaped blossoms that last until May.  During the winter eight inch long, brown, hairy seed pods are visible.

I’m tempted to give it a try here in Hilton Head, wish me luck.

Tabeuia chrysotricha
Golden Trumpet Tree
Blossoms on the Golden Rain Tree
Seed Pods
Seed Pods on Golden Trumpet Tree