Savannah Garden Expo

first place
Blue Ribbon Winner at the Savannah Garden Expo

I was so excited, once again this year, to enter the Historic Savannah Foundation’s window box competition.   I was especially enthusiastic about this year’s theme, Going and Growing Green. I decided to create a “green” succulent box that was rich in a tapestry of texture, requiring very little maintenance.

Thursday night was the preview party, which was held at the Roundhouse Museum in downtown Savannah.  I took my 11 year old son, Kristopher, as my “date.”  We had so much fun feasting on grilled quail breast over grit corn cakes and shrimp gazpacho, among other delectable.  Kristopher’s favorite was the chocolate cookies, unlimited sprite, and sticking his fingers in the chicken coup of one of the displays.

To my surprise and delight, the icing on the cake, was that I won first place in the window box competition.    It was a sweet moment when Kristopher looked at me and told me, “I told you that you were going to win.”  His unwaivering faith in me brings a smile to my heart.

The Savannah Garden Expo, which went on through the weekend was a great event. The display gardens, window box competition, and the nice variety of vendors all housed in the this incredible historic site is well worth attending.

Looking forward to next year!

Going and Going Green Succulent Box
The winning succulent window box

Plants include

Bromiliad, Crassula argentea ‘E.T.’s Fingers’, Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’, Sedum sieboldii ‘October Daphne’, Sedum tetratinum ; Sedum tetractium, Sempervivum tenctorum.

Container should be in part sun to part shade for best results.